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Ngopi UK

Ngopi [ng-ow-pee] is the first and only Independent Coffee Shop with Indonesian vibes in Birmingham, England, UK. The brand "Ngopi" itself represents the act of drinking coffee. Our tagline is "Let's Ngopi!", it is the Indonesian way to say let's have coffee. We are staying true to our root by bringing the vibrant and evergrowing Indonesian Coffee Culture and its products to England.

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Latest Products

Pempek (4 Portions)

£22.00 exc VAT

Iced Teh Tarik (1 Litre)

£10.00 exc VAT Was £12.50

Iced Caramel Latte (1 Litre)

£12.00 exc VAT Was £15.50

Iced White (1 Litre)

£10.00 exc VAT Was £14.50

Iced Black (1 Litre)

£8.00 exc VAT Was £12.00

Es Kopi Susu (1 Litre)

£10.00 exc VAT Was £11.00


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