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Ngopi [ng-ow-pee] is the first and only Indonesian Coffee Shop & Munch in Birmingham, England, UK. The brand "Ngopi" itself represents the act of drinking coffee. Our tagline is "Let's Ngopi!", it is the Indonesian way to say let's have coffee. We are staying true to our root by bringing the vibrant and evergrowing Indonesian Coffee Culture and its products to England.

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Latest Products

Drip Coffee

£1.50 exc VAT

Sunda Gulali

£8.00 exc VAT


£12.00 exc VAT

Mount Halu

£8.00 exc VAT

Pantan Musara

£9.00 exc VAT

Kerinci Kayu Aro

£8.00 exc VAT

Flores Bajawa

£8.00 exc VAT


April 26, 2019
SATURDAY SPECIAL (27th APRIL 2019, 12pm-sold out) BUBUR AYAM! Indonesian style chicken porridge. Usually sold by street vendors in Indonesia, but tomorrow you can get it right here #Brum! With toppings of shredded chicken, chinese fried dough, cheesesticks and crackers, we guarantee your weekend will be amaaaaazing! - Only £6.50 (if you want to add egg yolk for extra richness +£0.50). Reserve yours before it’s too late! #NgopiUK #LetsNgopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
April 25, 2019
In each of our daily brew selections jar, we provide the tasting notes & the process of the coffee. If you want to know more about both, don’t hesitate to ask our barista! 💙 #NgopiUK #LetsNgopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
April 24, 2019
Have you had your coffee today? Head over to 56 dale end and go get your coffee fix! #NgopiUK #LetsNgopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
April 23, 2019
Hi guys! Would you guys be interested if we open home brewing class? Comment below for your thoughts ⬇️ #NgopiUK #LetsNgopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
April 22, 2019
Fresh batch Mount Halu is coming. Stay tune to more updates! #NgopiUK #LetsNgopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
April 21, 2019
Happy Easter! May today & everyday be filled with joy 🐣 🐰 We’re closed today, but worry not! We’re open tomorrow to satisfy you caffeine fix. Have a lovely & blessed day everyone! 💙 #NgopiUK #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
April 20, 2019
Definitely the perfect drink for today 😜💙 #NgopiUK #LetsNgopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
April 19, 2019
Have a blessed Good Friday everyone! We’re still open as usual 💙 #NgopiUK #LetsNgopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee