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Ngopi UK

Ngopi [ng-ow-pee] is the first and only Indonesian Coffee Shop & Munch in Birmingham, England, UK. The brand "Ngopi" itself represents the act of drinking coffee. Our tagline is "Let's Ngopi!", it is the Indonesian way to say let's have coffee. We are staying true to our root by bringing the vibrant and evergrowing Indonesian Coffee Culture and its products to England.

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Limau Cirago

£9.00 exc VAT

Mount Tilu

£8.00 exc VAT

Drip Coffee

£1.50 exc VAT


£12.00 exc VAT

Mount Halu

£8.00 exc VAT


October 23, 2019
Rissole for one 🙋🏻‍♀️ #ngopiuk #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
October 22, 2019
Hello! Sunny #brum with a touch of wind, have you had your coffee today? ☕️ #ngopiuk #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
October 21, 2019
One of our newest #vegan option: Tahu Isi, deep fried tofu stuffed with sautéed vegetables and chilli! Comes with sweet soy sauce and chillies dipping. Oh so gooooood! 😋 #ngopiuk #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
October 20, 2019
50% OFF FOR ALL COFFEE DRINKS! From 21st-25th Oct and 28th Oct-1st Nov, on 10am-12pm we are offering 50% discount to all our coffee drinks! This includes the favourites like Kopi Susu and Matcha Coffee Latte! See you bright and early tomorrow for a cup of coffee ☕️ ✨ Terms and condition: promo only applied on the said dates and hours, promo cannot be combine with other on-going promo. #ngopiuk #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
October 20, 2019
Yesterday was maaaad (part 2) 🤯 but it was a good mad!!! We couldn’t thank you enough for the immense support, the understanding, and the love you have given us for the past week. Like what we said last week, independents can only survive with the support of the customers and the community. Please do write us your feedback about anything, as we will try to improve our business to be better for you guys! Thank you for every critics, thank you every reviews, thank you for the enthusiasm, and thank you for loving our foods and drinks. STAY TUNED FOR LATER TONIGHT! We got announcement for you 😎 ok let’s roast some coffee now x #ngopiuk #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
October 18, 2019
We got few exciting things coming! Starting from today! if you bring your own cup/tumbler/stainless straw for every drink purchase it’s 30p off! #ngopiuk #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee #promotions
October 17, 2019
Coffee cherries sorted by farmers from West Java. This is how they traditionally sorted the cherries before continuing to the next process. Have you been to coffee plantation before? #NgopiUK #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee
October 16, 2019
Have you check our daily brew selection? We got Puntang (natural), Gayo Pegasing (anaerobic honey) and Gayo Pegasing (anaerobic natural). Come over and discover the taste yourself 👌🏻 #ngopiuk #letsngopi #birminghamcoffeeshop #indonesiancoffee